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home - Stomach - Gastritis and Gastropathy - Radiation Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki


Histological EffectsAt very low radiotherapy doses, gastric obstruction can occur months after irradiation with atrophic mucosa and intestinal metaplasia seen in surviving animals.Low single radiation doses cause stomach dilation and gastroparesis, with replacement of the normal mucosa by hyperkeratinized squamous epithelium.High-dose radiation can cause an erosive or ulcerative gastritis. 50% of all patients receiving upper abdominal irradiation will experience emesis within 2-3 wks of the start of treatment, ending 1 wk after treatment has finished 2-3wks 1 week Chronic gastritisSmoothened mucosal folds /atrophy Evidence of antral stenosis, 1- 12 months after irradiation Dyspepsia 6m to 4yrs after treatment Late Complications Early Complications Radiation doseThe dose at which 5 % of patients develop complications at 5 years is 50 Gy.Radiation effects can be exace-bated by the concurrent adminis-tration of chemotherapy. Radiation Gastritis Ulceration, 5m after irradiation Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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