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Small Bowel Carcinoid

Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki FeaturesCarcinoid lesions infiltrate the bowel wall and constricts mesentery through a desmoplastic reaction.Small bowel carcinoids are most commonly found in the ileum, within 60 cm of the ileocecal valve. 5yr survival in patients with distant metastasis is 36 %. Small Bowel Carcinoid Frequently malignant and diagnosed lateAge: 60s or 70s Derived from intraepithelial endocrine cells Multiple in 30%- Patients are: YoungerMore likely to have the carcinoid syndromeHave a worse prognosis. Treatments:Endoscopic resections for duodenal carcinoid.Resection of the involved segment+mesentery+ LN.Palliative resection. Clinical Features:Vague abdominal pain- this occurs in 40 % and is possibly ischaemic due to seretonin/ mesenteric vascular invasion.Intermittent obstruction occurs in 25 %-due to intraluminal tumour,and mesenteric kinking due to tumour invasion and 2ndary desmoplastic response.Carcinoid syndrome in 10%.

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