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Benign Masses

Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki Types of small bowel tumors Risk factors Distribution Presentation Adenoma Garder's; Familial adenomatous polyposis Duodenum; ampullary Obstruction; bleeding Leiomyoma Obstruction; bleeding Lipoma Obstruction; bleeding Fibroma Obstruction; asymptomatic mass Hemangioma Bleeding Carcinoma Crohn's disease Duodenum; ileum Obstruction; bleeding; mass Carcinoid Ileum Often asymptomatic; obstruction; carcinoid syndrome Lymphoma Celiac disease; autoimmune disease; immunosuppression Ileum Fatigue; weight loss; pain; obstruction; mass; bleeding Sarcoma Jejunum, ileum; Meckel's Obstruction; pain; bleeding Neuroendocrine Upper small bowel Mass; hormone-specific symptoms Metastatic Melanoma; breast; lung; ovary; colon; cervical cancer Obstruction; bleeding Benign small bowel masses Consist of well differentiated smooth muscle cells Enlarge extraluminally and therefore are not detected until they outgrow their blood supply causing central necrosis, ulceration, and bleeding into the bowel lumen.Can cause obstruction LipomasLipomas occur as submucosal fatty lesions in the ileum and duodenum.They arise from either submucosal adipose tissue or serosal fat.They may present with obstruction or as an incidental finding.CT scan show low attenuation lesions.Treatment need only if symptomatic. LeiomyomasThese are well-defined masses.They arise in the submucosal layer small intestinal wall.They most frequently occur in the jejunum.They are difficult to distinguish from malignant leiomyosarcomas.

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