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home - Pancreas - Pancreatic Masses and Cysts - Serous Cystadenomas Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

Serous Cystadenomas

Serous cystadenoma Very rarely progress to malignancy PAS +ve due to glycogen Most common in females >6060 % in body or tail of the pancreas.Large lesions (>4 cm) are more likely to cause symptoms.Comprised of single layer of PAS staining positive cuboidal epithelial cells with clear cytoplasm. If enlarging/ symptomatic, need resection, otherwise can be observed In body- pancreaticoduo-denectomy In tail - distal pancrea-tectomy 0.6 cm/year, more in larger lesions Multiple small cysts/ microcysts (”honeycomb appearance”) with watery cyst fluidSometimes have large cystsCentral (sometimes calcified) scar Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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