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home - Nutrition - Minerals - Selenium Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki


Seleno-methionine Absorbed by methionine absorptive pathway. Seleno-cysteine Absorptive pathway is unkown Passively absorbed Inorganic selenium Incorporated into seleno-proteins once all converted to seleno-cysteine 50% absorbed Seleno-proteins:ExamplesFour forms of gluthathione peroxidase (antioxidant defense)Iodo-thyronine deiodinase 2 (three forms), thyroxine synthesis Dietary requirementsSeafood, kidney and liver, and meat- these are good sources of selenium.Grain and seed selenium depends on soil content.Need 20 mcg/d in children/ 55 mcg/d in adults. Inorganic selenium (in supplements) Seleno-methionine Seleno-cysteine Keshan diseaseThis refers to chinese cardiomyopathy of children and fertile women.Cardiomyopathy-linked to selenium deficiency possibly by potentiating cocksackie virus effects. Immune function Se inhibits HIV replication and enhances NK activity Deficiency impairs cell mediated immunity Decreases autoimmune thyroiditisReduces risk of post-partum thyroiditis in thyroid peroxidase positive women. Toxicity (excess oral intake) ? Periph-eral neuropa-thy. Hair loss Selenium Nail chang-es Nausea, emesis, Mental status changes Mechanism of absorption Other cardiomyopathy- especially linked with chronic TPN Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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