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home - Nutrition - Minerals - Manganese Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki


Sources:Meat.Fish.Poultry.Dried fruit.Nuts.Tea.Upper limit is 2 mg daily in toddlers, and up to 11 mg daily for adults. Mn2+ Mn3+ CalciumPhosphateFibre + Fe deficiency 95% excreted in faeces Albumin or alpha-2-macroglob-ulin Manganese Excreted in bile Trans-ferrin Manganese 25% in bones Mitochondria rish tissues (liver, kidney, pancreas)Melanin rich tissues (retina, pigmented skin). Manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD)ArginaseGlutamate synthetasePyruvate carboxylase. DeficiencyThis causes scaly dermatitis and dyslipidemia. (in welders/ factory workers with manganese aerosols/ TPN (30% iv Mn is retained): Parkinsonian neurotoxicity. Headache, vomiting, and hepatic dysfunction Manganese Toxicity Biological role Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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