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home - Nutrition - Minerals - Iodine Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki


Iodine Proximal small bowel absorption Excess secreted by kidneys T3T4 (thyroxine) Dietary sources Table salt (fortified with iodine).Bread.Dairy products.Seafood.Drinking water.Vegetables. Effects of deficiency:Goitre.Hypothyroidism.Cretinism (due to hypothyroid mother).Increased neonatal and infant mortality. Toxicity If the patient has iodine deficiency, sudden excess can cause hyperthyroidismIf the patient has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, it can exacerbate hypothyroidism. (RDA:150 mcg/d adults) Sources:Topical medsRadiographic contrastsDietary supplements (kelp, seaweed). Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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