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home - Nutrition - Minerals - Fluoride Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki


Dental caries Fluoride increase osteoblast activity but exact role unknown Pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea Acute toxicity Chronic excess Skeletal fluorosis, in which bone is radiologically dense, but fragile.Dental fluorosis- mottled teethRenal and cardiac dysfunction FracturesCalcification of ligaments and tendons, leading to reduced joint mobility. 50% excreted in urine, 50% stored Absorbed in stomach and small intestine Sources:Tea .Seafood that contains edible bones or shells.Medicinal supplements.Fluoridated toothpastes.Fluoridated water. 99% of stored fluoride is in bones and teeth 0.7 mg/day small children3 mg/day adult women4 mg/day adult men. Deficiency Excess Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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