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home - Miscellaneous - Bleeding - Anaemia Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki


FE++ FE++ + DMT-1 H+HPE CausesAnything that decreases acidAtrophic gastritis/PPI/gastrectomy/coeliac/tropical sprue/bleedInvestigationIncreased transferrinDecreased ferritin and ironOGD + colon + small bowel biopsyTreatment - supplementation + treat underlying cause B12 deficiency anaemiaB12 - protein H +B12 - R IFB12 - IF CausesStomachPernicious anaemiaAtrophic gastritisSmall intestineAny pathologyInvestigations -If not vegetarian IF and parietal cell antibodies Iron deficiency anaemia A N A E M I A + B12 absorbed here Pancreatic enzymes Folate deficiency anaemiaThis ca n be caused by any small bowel pathology. NB. Liver disease anaemia. - Decreased FE/decreased transferrin/increased ferritinB12 and folate increase to due passaic necrosis Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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