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home - Colon - Various Colitides - Diversion Colitis Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

Diversion Colitis

Carbs SCFA’s (butyrate, acetate, propionate) Anaerobic bacterial metabolism Carbohydrates absorbed by ion exchange and diffusion and oxidised by colonocyte Normal Carbs SCFA’s (butyrate, acetate, propionate) Anaerobic bacterial metabolism Diverted colon Histological evidence of diversion colitis = 95%Symptomatic patients =10% Role of Carbohydrate in the Colon They supply 70% of the fuel used by mucosal cells.They modulate fluid and electrolyte transport.They regulate colonic motility.They regulate mucosal blood flow. Histological FeatureDistinction from IBD is difficult.Diffuse cellular infiltrate and prominent lymphoid follicular hyperplasia may suggest diversion colitis. Rectal bleeding, tenesmus, mucus discharge, and abdominal pain Begin within a few months after surgery or after a long delay. Treatments:Reanastomosis.Short chain fatty acid enemas.5 ASA. Diversion colitis Definition— Diversion colitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in segments of the colorectum that are diverted from the fecal stream by surgery. The enema solution consists of sodium acetate (60 mmol), sodium propionate (30 mmol) and sodium n-butyrate (40 mmol) with additional sodium chloride (22 mmol) to yield an osmolality of 280 to 290 mosmol/L which is similar to plasma. The pH is adjusted to 7.0 with sodium hydroxide. -bd for 6 weeks Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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