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home - Colon - Anal Diseases - Anal Pain 3 Organic Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

Understands the clinical anatomy of the rectum and anus
Knows the causes of rectal bleeding and the methods of investigation
to determine the cause

Has awareness of the range of perianal conditions (which includes
abscesses and fistula), their clinical presentation and their

Knows the techniques of investigation and the possible medical and
surgical treatments

Is aware of the treatment options for radiation proctitis
Take a history and appropriately examines the anus and rectum
Refers the patient for the appropriate endoscopic and radiological

Manages patients with anorectal disease in a sympathetic manner,
recognising and addressing the concerns caused by such conditions

Anal Pain 3 Organic

Anal Pain 3. Chronic proctalgia Chronic proctalgia (=levator ani syndrome, levator spasm, puborectalis syndrome, pyriformis syndrome, or pelvic tension myalgia). 20 minutes Diagnostic criteria for chronic proctalgia Chronic or recurrent rectal pain or aching.Episodes last at least 20 minutes.Exclusion of other causes of rectal pain such as ischemia, inflammatory bowel disease, cryptitis, intramuscular abscess and fissure, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, and coccygodynia.The criteria must have an onset 6 months prior to diagnosis and duration of > 3months. Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

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