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Written by Dr Sebastian Zeki

Sebastian Zeki


This online textbook was created by Sebastian Zeki, a gastroenterology registrar in London.

The aims of the book are

1. Present as much of the gastroenterology curriculum in as concise and visual a way as possible

2. Create a textbook that is compatible with the records needed for eportfolios ie allow logged in users to create notes on individual pages to be used as evidence of reflective preactice, but also as a way of keeping relevant notes on certain topics. Logged in users can also upload links to other pages they are interested in, and other files such as jpegs or docs

3. Create a way of identifying areas that are under-studied by presenting the reader with a breakdown of their reading 

4. Allow logged in users to generate CPD points that are downloadable, from their reading

5. Creat a forum so users can interact with each other -we'll see how this goes

6. Eventually create an automatic MCQ generator that can be used as a reseource for KBM

All the notes have been created from lots of reseources. Some of them need a bit mpre work and all contributions and comments will be gratefully received. If notable, I'll put your name on the page it relates to (and a link if you want).

The resource is free to use- it took me ages to put it together but I'm always up for new ideas so please email me: